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Originally inspired by such artists as James Taylor, Cat Stevens and Dan Fogelberg back in the 70's, Danny started to play the guitar, write and sing songs copying their style of folk music. Playing the guitar and singing became a real passion of his. Most everyone evolves into something and music seemed to be the thing that called on him the most. He quickly found that writing was a great way to express himself whether it was to tell someone you love them, helping someone else get through a tough time, use as a way of getting something off your chest, or just to have fun with. 'For me, writing is a much easier way to express my feelings and emotions rather than sitting in front of someone and trying to get the words out.  That's not fun!'

Most of his music comes to him during an experience that he or someone close to him is going through. Whether illness, birth of a child or watching two people fall in love, there is always something that can be said and perhaps learned. 'Whatever gets stuck in my head is what I'm going to write about. It's not really up to me. It's not so easy for me to just make up a song out of nothing like some people do. I am highly driven to write when there is something going on around me that hits me in the heart. Than, it becomes quite simple.'

Songs like 'The Dad Song' written about his son when he was very young, or "Close To Home" written for his daughter when she was 13 are his favorite types of music. 'Anyone I ever play these songs for are deeply moved by them, especially if they have children of their own. I have had people ask me for a copy of these songs to help them reconcile a relationship that they have lost with one of their kids. I think to myself, wow, could you imagine if a song I wrote could bring a father and child together. That would be very cool!'

Danny and his kids enjoys writing songs for children. He often writes and records for kids who are not as fortunate as most of us. Kids who are very ill or just need a good home to grow up in. Danny recently had the opportunity to write a song for an organization called 'CHILDKIND'. It is a wonderful group of people that help medically fragile children as well as other kids with who have different needs. 'It was one of the most satisfying projects I have ever done.'  He also writes and records for another organization called "songs of love".  They have artists from all over the world write personalized songs for kids with very serious illnesses.  "They are an amazing group of people!"

After putting it off for some time, Danny finally recorded his first CD, which goes by the name, Danny Kahn. (Clever)'.  Some of the songs were written several years ago and some are new. He looks forward to recording his next CD with lots of new songs about' who knows'

One of Danny's goals is to sell some of his music and have it recorded by some wonderful artists, mostly out of Nashville. 'If you would have mentioned going to Nashville to sell music to me several years ago, I'd have thought you were crazy. I'm really not a country guy but over the last several years, Nashville has become a very diverse town where all types of music is played, be it folk, country, pop, rock. blues, jazz, etc. There are so many great singers/songwriters in Nashville and I would love to have the opportunity to work with them.'

Danny would love to hear from you at dannyskahn@gmail.com.

Danny and his wife Jill of 26 years (whew!) are both practicing chiropractors in Sandy Springs, Ga. They have two kids, Andy, who attends the university of Georgia and Julia, a junior in high school.  They live in Marietta, Georgia.


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Danny Kahn